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Their site never works. Always is under maintenance. I'm waiting over two hours to order food. They can't do it at night? When I finally order i get the food after next two hours and they want me to call to the restaurant by myself. Really *** company. I know it's not grubhub fault, but restaurants drivers are always late and always call me because they can't find an address. I'm sorry - I'm pretty sure that in GPS time, they can find an address... Read more

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I've been ordering through GrubHub for a few years now. Ordered today, just a 28oz Arctic Cherry Gatorade and a Veggie burger from a restaurant I've ordered from before. I receive a 20oz Fruit Punch Gatorade and a Cheeseburger, which I can't eat because I'm vegetarian. GrubHub would only refund me for the Gatorade because the manager of the restaurant admitted to trying to cheat me by giving me a smaller one because they didn't have the 28oz in... Read more

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We decided to try grub hub for the first time tonight only to discover we will NEVER be using this service again. After waiting 2 hours for our food to arrive (in the meantime getting status updates about the food being ready and then the driver on the way), I finally called to see what was going on. Grub hub customer service told me the restaurant never received the order which doesn't make any sense because wouldn't a grub hub... Read more

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This is the second time a grub hub driver and the subsequent costumer service was less than sub standard. The first time A driver misread my address and delivered my order of over 30 dollars of food to my unexpexting neighbor! They didn't ask for proof Of the card confirmation of my phone number nothing! I waited for over 2 hours for the food before getting an email/text saying it was delivered and to write a review! When I checked and found... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 30
  • #964122

3 hour wait!! Horrible customer service . Missing item . Horrible horrible !!

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 30
  • #964097

I'm done with this company after the wonderful CEOs pleasant recent comments. Switching on to Uber eats and seamless.

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Mr. Baloney, CEO of hub grub has proven that he does not believe in freedom of speech or freedom to vote for individual personal choice. Has also proven himself to be intolerant of others views and choices. If I was a member of hub grub board of directors would immediately terminate Mr.Baloney for harassment and creating a hostile environment for employees and customers. I, like many friends and family are discontinuing usage of this service... Read more

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Your company have absolutely terrible customer service. Our restaurant has been emailed you the new menu about the price change . However it ended up still having errors with the online menu. I have been contacted your company by calling the customer service and pulling up the restaurant information and one of the representative said" it never require to make a update on the online menu, somehow my email was successfully sent also got a... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 22
  • #959919

CEO is poison. Refuse to use grub hub again

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Food was delivered to wrong address. Grubhub driver told the restaurant that he delivered it to the right address. He lied! Restaurant gave me his phone number and he didn't answer but just texted me to contact customer service. Was on the phone with Grubhub for 35 min to receive my refund.

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