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  • From mobile
  • 17 hours ago
  • #928680

Second Fri in a row we used grubhub to order from pleasant pizza willimantic ct. Last Friday order never filled so they delivered it to us 1 hr 45 min later.Tonight picked up order s nd items missing so they said they'd deliver it with in 10-15 minutes its been 20 still no food! !!! Id cancel order but its already paid for!!!

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ordered twice from grubhub as I pretty much live on top of a hill in Missio Viejo and theres no options for food delivery otherwise. Both times the order was delivered about 90 minutes after being placed, and both times there were issues with the order - first time drinks were never delivered, and subsequently grubhub just gave a credit which is utterly useless when you want to enjoy a decent dinner. Second time the food was not prepared as... Read more

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I had an absolutely horrible experience and I will never use grubhub again. I told them I would post a review and they could care less. I just ordered a pizza and app. After 30 minutes beyond the latest estimated delivery time I called. Then I was incredibly patient as a rep took over an hour to try to figure out why my food wasn't deliver. It was listed as delivered in their system. I was told it was coming 2 hours late. Still never came and at... Read more

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Grubhub's service has declined tremendously over the past year. For the third time, they have charged my bank account for deliveries that were never relayed to the restaurants. Orders would also miraculously disappear from my current orders and would say I never ordered anything, yet GH still charged my card. When I would call the customer service representatives, they would routinely drop my calls or would put me on hold for 10-15+ min. at a... Read more

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Ordered from them to only realize two hours later that the order never got sent to the restaurant. They had the nerve to charge my card... Don't bother and just support the local restaurants and businesses by ordering online or on the phone with them directly. Why are we paying for the middle man (douche)? They are making money for offering no real work or service (and the one they offer is ridiculously bad) while making good off of the work of... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 22
  • #923780

I want to be contacted by Grubhub

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 16
  • #920083

I can never get grubhub to ever work. Always says unproccessable payment or cannot send order or incomplete process. Dissapointment....makes me have to call regardless which defeats the purpose of this site.

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Absolutely terrible customer service. My food was supposed to arrive at 3:10am. It is now 4:15am and my food has still not arrived. I called customer service who placed the blame squarely on "the restaurant" and said that it's up to the restaurant to give me a discount on the food, a voucher, or whatever... Sidestepping all blame and completely shirking responsibility. Appalling customer service, rife with defensive and insensitive behavior. ... Read more

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I order from GrubHub a lot, but I suspect this may be one of the last times. Most recent experience: - Placed order from a restaurant that was about a mile from my apartment. - Order was pretty quickly at the "your order is in the works!" stage with the restaurant. - The "estimated delivery" time kept changing though. It kept going up. This was not at peak delivery time... it was at 2PM on a weekday, after the lunch rush. - Eventually, it was... Read more

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Just placed an order on Grubhub's site and I noticed the site changed their payment screen (another update). I SAW the paypal icon, everything checked out fine. I clicked 'pay' after setting the tip (custom) but then saw it was NOT paypal but instead a credit card used. Absolutely terrible customer service after that where the girl's response was only "rosati's placed the order. Did you still want to order?" How in the heck is that telling me... Read more

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