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New York Pizzeria 6711 mid cities north richland texas Manager/owner came to my home and was extremely rude said we dont delivery this far out my hubby sayd we order from here before he said again rudely as he walked away we dont deliver this far out i will talk to my deliver driver.I called grubhub to ask why would this place be on your site if they dont deliver in this area?was told to complain on their cite which i did and on grubhub... Read more

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Today I didn't have a car or much food left in my house. I was relying on grubhub to deliver food to my son and I. 2 hours of waiting and no one ever showed up. It sucks when you're relying on a service you've paid for to actually work but I guess thats what happens when a company doesn't care. I got $10 coupon but I'll never use this thing again. Luckily I found a can of soup for my son, but it was a handful of almonds for me tonight. Thnx... Read more

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Terrible terrible terrible customer service. I ordered a gf pizza asked for toppings and then ended up getting $8 tacked on to my order....$18 for a small pizza with toppings...of course I never agreed to these charges so once I saw the email stating I was being charged more I decided to chat with Grubhub to cancel my order. The customer service rep (violet) decided to argue with me for about 15-20 mins about why this charge was added. All I... Read more

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Pretty sick tonight, so cannot walk to restaurants here. Apparently and the App are down tonight and have been for the past couple of hours. Customer Service (thru the phone and via Live Chat) is either busy (put me on hold for several minutes) and has no idea when the App and site will be back up. They absolutely refuse to take any orders over the phone. Worst part it, even when the site was partially back up, it refused to accept... Read more

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I work front desk for a hotel and everytime I come in contact with this delivery driver he is always hostile towards me. I can't even complain about him to grubhub because the website doesn't have a complaint section. I have never used grubhub, nor will I. That is all I have to say, but apparently I have to enter in 100 words, so I guess I will type random things out in order to reach the quota. It's funny, usually if I have something to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 18
  • #938784

Ordered dinner. After over 2 hours no delivery. Called GrubHub & was told they didn't get order though I had order #. Called restaurant, they never got order. BUT I WAS CHARGED! Still trying to get a refund!

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Ordered more than 1.5 hours ago from a restaurant that is about 2 miles from our house. Food is still not here. I called the restaurant (they don't speak English well at this place) and they said it was "on its way" but couldn't tell me when the driver left or when he would arrive. There is no way on the Grub Hub site to contact Gub Hub. So I guess they don't have any way (or don't care) to help their customers figure out how to get their food.... Read more

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Weak, weak, weak. Our delivery guy sat outside our house - BEFORE delivering - for 20 minutes. We went outside & waved for his attention (you know, in case he was lost) to no avail. Our assigned delivery fellow was on the phone, not paying attention. After ten minutes we called the customer service line. They said his phone went to voicemail. WELL OF COURSE, he was busy chatting away on the phone! Finally this delivery guy decides to call us... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 12
  • #935509

Out first time using Grub Hub today. Not satisfied! After one hour and 30 minutes we went ahead and drove to pick up our own food! Food was cold. Grumpy coworkers. Wont use again.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 09
  • #933831

Tried to order 2 separate times and never got food... shows lack of management and use for service. Could have a gold mine if ran better!!!!

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