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Ordered from a restaurant. The delivery guy (apparently his name is KYLE C.) called to tell me that the security code wasn't working.

Fair enough, the keypad tends to not work well after a series of thunderstorms, which was the case here. So I tell him I'm on my way, he says he's going to leave the food outside at the gate and then hangs up on me. I'm like, WHAT? And I tried calling him back 3 times, but he refused to answer.

I got downstairs as quick as I could, and of course: no sign of food, no Kyle. I called the restaurant to see if they knew anything about this *** and where he went-- and bless their hearts, they were so apologetic over the phone. Of course, they had no clue where the guy went. So I called GrubHub, the woman on the phone acted ridiculously skeptical when I told her what happened, she said, "Well he did call you?" I told her, he called me and left no details, and then jetted before anyone could get ahold of him.

The only conclusion is he went to the wrong building even though only someone without sight wouldn't be able to see the numbers on the building I live in. They refunded my money, only after I demanded they do so-- regardless, I spent money for something I did not receive. Aside, I hope no one blames the restaurants, because literally GrubHub's deliverers are trash. GrubHub needs to do better with who they hire.

GrubHub needs to place some kind disciplinary actions in place, because these delivery people are some of the worst I have ever encountered, with no since of customer service or care. I think I am honestly done with GrubHub at this point.

Review about: Grubhub Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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