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Ordered from restaurant we pick up food from often. Did not want to make the drive so online to GH.

Food arrived timely yet portions of both fries were about 1/2 normal size. Sisters bread that came with her salad was not in bag but bread bag was. Threw it all out and no more GH for me. Disgusting and wrong.

Happy to buy the driver his own meal! I don't get it. If they are going in and out of restaurants all night plenty of time to get their own food.

Called GH customer service and worthless. Not a good experience and grossed out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grubhub Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am a GH driver. Most of the restaurants are very friendly to drivers.

Most offer us complimentary food (like fries or beverages) while we wait for your orders. If I can get free food or drinks, why would I eat your piece of bread and then leave the bag? Really?

Maybe the restaurant just forgot to put it in the bag? But no, you've never made a mistake so just accuse the driver of being evil.

to Anonymous #1513134

lol i guess youre the one who did it then

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