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I live in a large apt complex. I admit it isnt easy to find me on your own. Each building has a different address that is hard to find and all the buildings look alike. When I order in I make sure my phone is in hand so I can guide the drivers to me. Drivers from Door Dash, Shipt, Uber, Lyft, etc all seem to have no issue once they get a bit of help. By help I mean giving details about what I and others have on their balconies and standing outside to wave them down. But not Grubhub drivers.

Simple questions like did you pass the pool yet? What color car are you in? Are you in my complex (my apt complex looks very different than the one next to it)? My goal is to make it easy for them and get my food while there is still a chance of it being warm. Telling me they are walking around and you are in front of building 2342, is not going to help no matter how many times they say it.

Yesterday took the cake. The driver was walking around my complex when he called. He was no where near me. I finally got him to get back into his car. I gave him the standard directions (that help others) and also said I was on my balcony wearing a purple sweater. He said he was in a black car.

A few mins later I saw a black truck pull up to the building next door. I could see the driver but didnt think it Grubhub because I was told to look for a black car. The driver of the truck called over to someone walking past. That person asked me if I knew where building 3353 was. I did, it was my building.

So the driver saw me (there is no way he couldn't) but he thought the ideal solution was to just sit there until someone walked by. Of course, once again my food was cold.

This is not a one off. This is a constant Grubhub issue. Between that and issues with Doordash customer service (a story for another day), I think I need to start cooking more often.

I am spoiled by the wonderful delivery exp I had when living in NYC. It is not the same now that I live in the Detroit Metro area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grubhub Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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First of all, remember you are in Detroit---a failed city no longer recognizable as anything that even remotely works well. Secondly, time to either start eating at a restaurant or, the horror of it all, buying food and preparing it yourself at home.

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