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I have ordered several times via Grubhub over the last couple months and wondered why I could not access the review function for any of the restaurants while logged in. Contacted their "customer service chat" and received various excuses from the rep, including that it was too early to review the restaurant I ate in that day and it would take 2 hours, which he then changed to 24 hours when I said it had been more than 2 hours, and then somehow changed to 72 hours.

He also tried to tell me I'd already reviewed the past restaurants when I had not. Hung up on chat and fired off an email, resulting in my receiving a telephone call from a totally different rep telling me that GrubHub had changed its whole review policy so that you would only be able to write a review after 3 days and then would only have 1 day to write it and furthermore their staff had only done this change 2 or 3 weeks ago and hadn't had time to update the FAQ or website to reflect it.

It sounds to me like they are making the review process super complicated so people just won't leave reviews even if they are good. I told the rep I would be ordering via OrderUp, which allows me to leave reviews, until GrubHub gets its act together.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Grubhub. The most disappointing about a product or service at Grubhub was misleading info and inability to review restaurants , but reviewer liked food. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Grub hub is not my favorite I prefer Uber eats. The delivery people are nice but the app is horrible.

For Uber eats it doesn’t matter how much you pay but for Grubhub there’s a certain amount. If you want to spend 5 bucks you can’t. Which is dumb not trying to spend 30 and not trying to waste food I won’t eat. I just ordered from bagel factory cafe.

It is horrible!

I didn’t get half of the bagels I wanted! Never will use Grubhub again!


I have had the worst experience with grub hub. Not only do they jip you of your order they up the cost of the actual food.

It is a crime! They are honestly the worst people I have ever encountered. I'm waiting on 3 refunds and they are trying to justify why stuff is wrong. Just moving around the blame.

This place sucks. I will never order through them again


I will not be ordering from Grub Hub ever again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I order on grub hub from a restaurant called GRAVITTE'S Soul food.Order was supposed to be here between 12:10 -12:20 pm then got another message saying it would be here between 12:30- 12:40 pm.

by 1pm the food still had not arrived but I figured maybe with traffic the driver is running a little late but didn't want to make a fuss and figured the food would be here any moment now. By 1:20pm I called to see whats going on as the food was supposed to be for a break in a very important business meeting/deal. The person on the phone from GRAVITTE'S stated that they were just about to call me because they were out of the beef option and could send pork instead. The beef was half the order while fish was the other half of a decent size order.

I told them that I wished they had let me know sooner because 1.) pork is not an option 2.) its late and the lunch break was actually for 12:30pm. It's now waaaay after the 12:40pm time the food was supposed to be here and they hadn't even sent the food out much less cooked the food. They knew they didn't have the food I ordered when I ordered it. The professional and intelligent thing to do is to contact me ASAP and let me know that.

Give me the option of either ordering something else from you or ordering from a different place altogether. When I asked why not just let me know in advance, their reply was they let grub hub know even though they had my phone number.This is ridiculous, They never contacted neither did grub hub and I am pretty sure they were not going to, and never had intentions in contacting me. They just SCREWED UP EVERYTHING and SO DID GRUB HUB !!! I called GRUB HUB to inquiry about why they atleast didn't let me know if the restuarant had called them, as well as to complain and I was faced with even worse customer service than GRAVITTE'S had.

I am soooooo done for Life with GRUB HUB and GRAVITTE'S. You would think GRUBHUB had better standards than that to just keep that garbage pit of a restuarant on their site. Just check out the many negative reviews and see what I mean. I usually judge based on my own experiences which is why I ordered from them in the 1st place, trying not to judge based on someone else's opinion BUT TRUST & BELIEVE THIS HAS TAUGHT ME A VERY VALUABLE LESSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Worst food delivery service company. Delivery arrival time continued to get delayed on the app.

I called the restaurant and an employee explained our food has been sitting in the heat lamp for an hour. I decided to just pick it up myself. I called the company on my way there, and that’s when they sent a driver.

Customer service from Grubhub offers to refund me $6 for delivery fee. How insulting.


I placed an order three hours earlier. When it was time to delivery the order, grub hub cancelled it because they could not find a driver.

The restaurant already made the food and was waiting for grub hub to pick it up but they cancelled it. Grub hub did not call me or email me to let me know.

When I called them, they sent me the email. Would not trust them or use them.


Seamless is owned by grubhub

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