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This link takes you to the GrubHub ad under complaint. I USED to be a GrubHub client & this was uploaded to my Facebook 'Newsfeed' on 8/2/13 at 1pm.

I Commented immediately on Facebook but refused to 'Like' in order to see the other comments. No email contact found, only ph# and I wanted 'paper' trail. This is flagrantly promoting and/or at the LEAST, giving a nod to domestic violence. If MR Hero would like a meal, he can get it himself, the implication here is that it was the responsibility of the female hero & by not caring for his needs OR hers, as he sees fit, deserved to be struck.

I'm appalled! GrubHub needs to make a PUBLIC apology!

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If we were "friends" on facebook, I would block your ***, right after I publicly humiliated you for behaving so incredibly stup*d. Then, I would deny to anyone who asked that I knew you, because I would not want to admit that I had such low standards in picking friends.

Portland, Oregon, United States #893602

Last time I checked, both Batman and Robin were male.


Both of them are guys batman and robin are both guys


Two GayMen who like it rough while in costumes. That's date night ForFags, no domestic violence. That pic is foreplay for TurdBurglars.


I don't know/care if you're a man or a woman, but I am a woman and I find your hypersensitivity highly offensive. This is *not* promoting domestic violence in any way; and, actually, there's not even a woman in the picture. The character receiving the slap is Robin--y'know, from Batman and Robin (and while he is effeminate, he is a MALE...I can't believe I am having to actually explain this to anyone).

I sincerely hope this gets to you, because I honestly can't imagine anyone could be so pop-culturally uneducated.

to Taylor #824529

It doesn't matter that Robin is male and/or 'effeminate - domestic violence is not acceptable between partners of any choice. It has nothing to do with male or female.

If they were roommates, it would still be domestic violence because it occurs 'in the home'. And once again I say uncategorically - this is offensive because violence is offensive period.

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