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Here's the real deal:

**** We are NOT employees

**** We go to the address in the app (not any other address - for safety)

**** Do NOT tip based on WHAT your total bill was. You are "tipping" based on not having to get in your car (or lack thereof) and drive, sit in traffic, all kinds of rain and heat, etc...., WAIT for YOUR order, drive back....almost get in daily accidents....I could go on for days the HAZARDS of this job.

**** Tip on the CONVENIENCE of having it hand delivered to you....without you leaving your front door

**** Tip is a misleading word. The companies get 30% or more of the restaurant bill PLUS the delivery fee. Drivers WORK for the "TIP"....This is actually our PAYCHECK. So, if you "tip" low, your order will sit.

I MEAN, THINK ABOUT IT.........WOULD YOU GO TO WORK AND SAY TO YOUR BOSS, "Hey, boss......I think I'm going to work for free today!"


No, you wouldn't.

So, don't expect us to.

And, MAKE SURE your address is correct - including gate codes, BUILDING #'s, anything you normally don't think about - but, someone coming to your place would have NO idea to see or think of.

We don't LIVE with you. We can't always find a specific location.

We wait 5 minutes. And, that's it.

If you live 4-10 miles from the restaurant, "TIP" well. $5 or $6 is not sufficient if a driver is driving 4-7 miles TO the restaurant, then 4-10 miles to YOU, and then back to an area that has restaurants to get another order. A driver can use a WHOLE gallon of gas to bring you food and they aren't going to do this for $5 or $6.

Many times, deliveries actually COST a driver money.

We don't get paid to wait. So, you are LITERALLY making us LOSE money by waiting on you to give us whatever information we may need - and, yes, there are many people (you) who don't give all information needed. Like, say, an apartment # so we can actually get your food to you. Or, a gate code. Or, the suite # that you work in.

We can't read minds.

Again, we work 95% of our paychecks on "tips". So, think about that when ordering.

It's a convenience.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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If you want your food to show up hot and on time, pay for it! You're free not to tip at all, or to expect us to travel all over creation for a $1 tip, but we're just as free to let your order sit and get cold. Lecture us all you want, but you get the service you pay for.


You are right


Love how these people are so booty blasted they don’t realize grubhub drivers are independent contractors. Instead of telling this dude to get a new job maybe you salty *** can stop ordering for delivery and offering chump change then getting mad when nobody wants your stingy *** Order pizza if you want to stiff your drivers. Otherwise pay up or shut up.


Get a new job because you suck as the company does, you chose your career do not blame the customers. Your "Tips" are based on Grubhub and overall performance not you, if you don't get "Tips" then get better, make the company better or get out!!!


No one cares. Get a real job or do your job damn near perfect and then youll get a good tip. We get it delivery drivers and waiters are broke, either improve your situation or stfu.

to Anon #1534255

LoL get a new job please tell me where you live in that they are just handing out six figure jobs to anyone that wants one I’ll be sure to move there

to Mary #1544807

Hardly anyone starts out making six figures. You pick a profession you can grow with, start at the bottom, and then work your *** off until you earn the job you want.

Jobs like waiting and delivering have no room for growth.

Yea it's very easy to get stuck in jobs like that but you have to have the diligence to find what you're looking for and not just give up and ask for more. This is a real job but it's not a job where if you are unsatisfied, its the customer's fault.

to Anon #1593218

Without people doing these "unreal" jobs you'd need to get off your lazy *** to get your own food. Call uber eats, their drivers are fools who go to a restaurant to pickup, not knowing where they're taking it or for how much.

And, they don't mind making $3 a delivery. You spew out the typical garbage, get a real job.

Maybe we're should go rob businesses? Loser.

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