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Everything started when the driver went to the wrong address. For the uninitiated, customers can't contact drivers through GrubHub--drivers can only contact you. So after placing the order, we ended up watching as the driver circled around another neighborhood for 15-20 minutes, unable to reach out.

Eventually, GrubHub customer service called us and asked us to call the driver. We did so. As soon as I identified myself, the driver cut me off to complain that our directions had brought him to a private swimming pool, where he was now being kicked out. During the whole conversation, he continually spoke over me and refused to accept that the address we had given was correct and that he was in the wrong neighborhood.

We went back and forth like this for a minute or two. The driver insisted that his GPS had taken him into the neighborhood he was in; I told him that his GPS was wrong. (*Side note for drivers: GPS is not infallible, especially if the maps haven't been updated in a while. I can only speak for myself, but as a customer, I'd far prefer that drivers contact us right away if there's an issue like this.) I tried to explain to him that he was in the wrong neighborhood and kept trying to point out that the street names in his area didn't match the name of our street, and that he'd had to turn off of our street in order to get where he was, but I don't think he was listening.

He kept asking where the 'real' address was, talking over me when I tried to give him directions, and insisting that our address wasn't what we had put in the system. He eventually did stop talking over me long enough to give the directions, at which point he snapped "Fine." and unceremoniously hung up.

Unsurprisingly, the food was cold by the time we got it. An item was also left out of our order, but as it was a mere appetizer and we were hungry, we decided not to push our luck.

I attempted to contact GrubHub customer service, but the person I spoke to did not appear to empathize or, frankly, understand the issue, so I gave up. The issue wasn't big enough for me to persist in (likely fruitless) attempts to get some resolution through the company, so I went with the simpler and less frustrating option of taking my business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Grubhub Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm a driver for grub hub and I would like to say that the other driver who posted on here is wrong. I've had the app take me to two wrong places so far.

But the difference is, I'm not an idiot; I know how to listen to what the customer is saying, and I call the second I realize I'm potentially in the wrong place. No matter where you go, most companies will have someone working for them who makes the company look bad. Keep that in mind too.

But, in this circumstance, it was the driver and customer care. *Always ask to speak to a manager!*


Sounds like the address was incorrect to me. I've been delivering for over 10 years for various apps and companies. So many times customers have the wrong address and THINK they put the right one.All you are doing is feeding AND paying the driver, because, for safety reasons, we go to the address in the app.Nice try, though.


You are a moron. What is it to you whether he cooks for himself or to saving money?

Do you know this guy? There are so many possibilities that he wouldn't be able to cook for himself...

Just a heads up, dont post stupid comments like these to make yourself look even more dumb. Smh


All the time you spent writing that complaint and waiting around for cold restaurant delivery food could have been spent preparing your own delicious, healthy meal while saving money and frustration.

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