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  • From mobile
  • Sep 07, 2016
  • #914865

Worse service ever. Customer support is rude. They yelled at me and hung up. I got someone elses order which was actually a step up after not receiving my orders previously.

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I ordered lunch for 2. The order came with lunch for 1. I called the restaurant who said they would get back to me. No call. I called Grubhub customer service and asked for a full refund as we now has to go out for lunch. The customer service representative said she would call me back. No call. I had to call again. The customer service rep refunded only the missing item. The whole thing ended up in the trash. I will not use them again. There... Read more

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the idiots at grubhub routinely charge small amounts and reverse it when you order, triggering bank fraud alerts. a shady practice, to begin with, but even worse, it persists even after you fix it. calling grubhub's *** customer service doesn't do a thing - the people who answer nice enough but are incapable of doing anything to fix it, beyond apologizing. build some decent technology you morons - i'm deleting the app and never bothering... Read more

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I ordered via Grubhub for a late night pizza order and was quoted a wait time of 60-70 minutes. I waited an hour and a half and then contacted customer service. I was informed that, despite receiving a confirmation email from Grubhub, the restaurant overlooked my order and my order would be cancelled. The customer service rep insisted this was not Grubhub's fault - they are being paid to act as a middleman between the customer and the... Read more

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I ordered dinner last night at 7:50, while my food arrived cold, soggy, and unappealing at 10:10. I received a myriad of misleading texts like "A driver is headed your way with food: A story of dreams coming true" hours before arrival. The company cannot master efficient delivery and customer support proved pitiful. I deleted the app, and deem this my worst service related experience of 2015 (I had never written a negative online review before... Read more

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So we got an advertisement to use GrubHub and get $5 off first order. I went to the web site, found the restaraunt, ordered the food, and there was no discount. Next day when I checked my email, there was an email from GrubHub with a promo code. So I thought I would just use it for my second order. Nope. Second order won't accept promo code either. I got online and found a Service Rep named Levi (probably a fake name), and he was rude. So I... Read more

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I placed an order with Grub Hub. They confirmed it and even sent text messages that it had been picked up by the driver. When our food did not show up I called the restaurant and they said they had no orders from Grub Hub. I tried chatting and then calling their alleged customer service dept. with no response. The time on my order on their web site kept changing. At one point it showed a three hour delivery. That was right after their text... Read more

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Ordered at 8:30, finally was told at 10:42 that order had never arrived to restaurant. Called Grubhub 2x to report late food. Was told repeatedly it was on it's way. Finally called restaurant, they never got order. WASTED MY WHOLE SATURDAY NIGHT. Grubhub was rude and not helpful. I can't see myself using this service again, complete waste of time and horrible service. Very junior managers who can't handle issues and are not helpful in solving... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 20, 2014
  • #572439

I was wrong in my review below - the food didn't "never come." It was just 50 min late.

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 20, 2014
  • #572435

I also had a negative experience with GrubHub. I ordered food, the wait time was over an hour, the food never arrived, I called customer service and was on hold forever, and then had trouble with my speaker phone while talking to customer service and the representative hung up before I could fix it. It was a pretty miserable experience at 3:00 am!

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