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Update by user Dec 26, 2018

After clarifying with a supervisor from that Papa John's location, they said they had only received one call from the first support member, never received a call from the supervisor. This suspicious activity needs to be stopped.

Original review posted by user Dec 26, 2018

Chat started on 26 Dec 2018, 06:51 PM (GMT+0)

(06:51:09)*** [name withheld] joined the chat ***

(06:51:10)[name withheld]: Items delivered were incorrect.

(06:51:12)Customer Care Team: Please remember to rate your experience with Care today by using the Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down at the top of the chat

(06:51:37)*** [name withheld] joined the chat ***

(06:51:45)[name withheld]: Hello! Thank you for contacting Grubhub! My name is [name withheld]. How may I help you today?

(06:52:43)[name withheld]: Trying to load up the order, but I received an incorrect order from Papa John's.

(06:53:31)[name withheld]: Oh wow, I'm so sorry that happened, let me see what I can do for you.

(06:53:39)[name withheld]: May I know what items were incorrect?

(06:54:10)[name withheld]: I received 2 sausage pizzas and 2 cheese pizzas instead of 4 cheese pizzas.

(06:55:24)[name withheld]: Please give me a moment to assist.

(06:55:31)[name withheld]: Thank you.

(06:56:49)[name withheld]: I would like the 27.98 spent on the 2 pizzas in the form of Grubhub credit for simplicity reasons.

(06:57:41)[name withheld]: One moment. Still trying to locate the order.

(06:57:59)[name withheld]: Order #92500640-8566521

(06:58:04)[name withheld]: If that helps.

(06:58:12)[name withheld]: Thanks, that is helpful.

(06:58:57)[name withheld]: I can see that it is a cash order.

(06:59:06)[name withheld]: Yes, it is.

(06:59:31)[name withheld]: Please give me a moment to contact the restaurant.

(06:59:46)[name withheld]: Thank you.

(07:01:20)[name withheld]: Trying to get a hold on restaurant, please do wait.

(07:03:08)[name withheld]: Ok.

(07:03:54)[name withheld]: Thanks for waiting.

(07:04:09)[name withheld]: No problem.

(07:04:15)[name withheld]: The restaurant did apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

(07:04:38)[name withheld]: Things happen.

(07:05:15)[name withheld]: What I can do is to provide you promo code of $27.

(07:05:20)[name withheld]: Will that be okay?

(07:05:24)[name withheld]: That is perfect.

(07:05:38)[name withheld]: Please give me a moment to proceed [name withheld].

(07:05:44)[name withheld]: Is there any minimum on ordering, or will that cover the next order?

(07:05:46)[name withheld]: In the mean time, I would really appreciate if you can give me a rating to help us improve.

(07:06:14)[name withheld]: It shall be in the form of 2 codes. $20 +$7.

(07:06:19)[name withheld]: Of course. This was a hassle-free experience, and I as a vendor on Amazon, appreciate when third-party services take the time to verify with their clients.

(07:06:26)*** Chat Rating request has been sent. ***

(07:06:38)[name withheld]: It is a straight discount of $20 and $7 on the next order.

(07:06:52)[name withheld]: I am sorry but I should mention that you can use one code at a time.

(07:07:19)*** [name withheld] has rated the chat Good ***

(07:07:19)*** [name withheld] has commented: The representative I spoke to today was very clear about how my situation was going to be addressed. Acted professional and in a timely manner. I am a satisfied customer. ***

(07:07:26) [name withheld]: Oh, thanks for sharing your experience sir.

(07:07:45)[name withheld]: That is fine, and you're very welcome. I appreciate the quality of service you've provided.

(07:07:58)[name withheld]: You're all set! You'll get a confirmation email shortly.

(07:08:07)[name withheld]: As for the promotion code, I am aware that some websites has a 50 cent requirement on their transactions, is that the case with GrubHub?

(07:08:49)[name withheld]: for the promo code, make sure the order subtotal should more than $20, if you are using $20 promo code.

(07:08:54)[name withheld]: For*

(07:09:01)[name withheld]: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

(07:09:13)[name withheld]: Wait.

(07:09:32)[name withheld]: So I have to spend additional funds to receive the $20 promo?

(07:09:35)[name withheld]: Surely.

(07:10:29)[name withheld]: Let's just say, if you order for $22 and you use $20 promo code, you shall pay $2.

(07:10:47)[name withheld]: That doesn't work for me. I already paid once.

(07:11:06)[name withheld]: There must be another form in which this can be resolved.

(07:11:31)[name withheld]: I am sorry [name withheld].

(07:11:46)[name withheld]: But this is the maximum I can do.

(07:11:58)[name withheld]: Well then a supervisor needs to be involved.

(07:12:55)[name withheld]: I have already paid once. If there is no way to resolve this without Grubhub demanding more money, I will be making the BBB, and the FTC aware.

(07:13:21)[name withheld]: I do understand that.

(07:14:18)[name withheld]: Please give me a moment to find the supervisor.

(07:16:45)[name withheld]: Thank you for your patience, I do apologize for the wait. I'm still working on this for you.

(07:17:03)[name withheld]: okay.

(07:18:00)[name withheld]: I am going to transfer you to specialist.

(07:18:04)[name withheld]: One moment please.

(07:18:19)*** [name withheld] joined the chat ***

(07:18:45)***[name withheld] left the chat ***

(07:18:49)[name withheld]: Hi [name withheld], I'm [name withheld] and I will be further assisting you. How are you today?

(07:18:52)[name withheld]: Hello [name withheld].

(07:18:58)[name withheld]: I am doing well, thank you. How are you?

(07:19:41)[name withheld]: Good, thanks for asking. I understand you have some concerns about the promo code you have. Is that right ?

(07:20:29)[name withheld]: Correct. I was informed that with the promo code, I would have to not only match the amount given in the promo code, but I would also need to pay additional service charges.

(07:21:09)[name withheld]: The customer service representative was reluctant to tell me that part, however when I glanced over the email, I had found the information.

(07:21:29)[name withheld]: after I had given him a stellar review too, what a shame.

(07:22:59)[name withheld]: I'm so sorry about that. Yes our coupon require that the subtotal of the order (meaning before tax, tip, and delivery) equals the amount of the coupon.

(07:23:42) [name withheld]: I am not going to be paying a tax, tip and delivery twice. I'd rather you contact the restaurant and have them deliver the order directly.

(07:24:50)[name withheld]: Unfortunately, I'm unable to do that [name withheld]. I apologize ,

(07:25:46)[name withheld]: You're capitalizing on someone who received the wrong product using this service in the first place.

(07:26:48)[name withheld]: I paid cash, so unfortunately I cannot dispute this with my bank. However, I did opt-in to receive a transcript of our chat to submit to customer complaint agencies.

(07:27:24)[name withheld]: If there will be no resolution made.

(07:29:04)[name withheld]: That's understandable. I certainly apologize that the orders have to meet the subtotal requirements [name withheld].

(07:29:25)[name withheld]: Are there any other concerns?

(07:30:20)[name withheld]: This is not a case of a promotional code given for marketing use. This is a case of a promotional code given to resolve an issue with a customer not receiving the correct order.

(07:31:34)[name withheld]: I understand, do to this being a cash order and also a self delivery restaurant a refund would have to be requested directly from the restaurant.

(07:31:46)[name withheld]: That being said, the food I did receive in error also went against my religion. I would've been satisfied with a credit that I could use without being punished by you demanding more money.

(07:33:36)[name withheld]: Grubhub is a third-party delivery service. When Grubhub decides to form a partnership and have Papa John's brand represented on Grubhub's website, GrubHub does assume responsibility for orders being placed through their service.

(07:35:43)[name withheld]: I understand your point [name withheld] however, the restaurant was paid in cash for this order.

(07:36:23)[name withheld]: I understand your point [name withheld], however the service was processed through GrubHub for this order.

(07:38:53)[name withheld]: This particular restaurant uses our site for a marketing platform for orders. They dont use our drivers and they prepare their own meals. Had the order been paid with an electronic from of payment Grub Hub could have done more but again the payment for this was cash and giving directly to the restaurant.

(07:39:43)[name withheld]: I'm so sorry you received the incorrect order[name withheld] but the coupons were all that we could provide in this type of situation.

(07:40:03)[name withheld]: Coupons would've been fine, had you not asked for more money in fees.

(07:41:04)[name withheld]: I understand, however there isn't anyway for me to over turn that.

(07:41:26)[name withheld]: Call the store and tell them to deliver the food to me.

(07:43:14)[name withheld]: Unfortunately, being that this order is from the December 15th I'm unable to make that request of the Restaurant .

(07:43:49)[name withheld]: You need to make that request of the restaurant if GrubHub is going to milk the misfortune of paying customers.

(07:46:32)[name withheld]: Just a moment please Christopher.

(07:46:39)[name withheld]: Okay.

(07:51:30) [name withheld]: Hi [name withheld], I'm sorry but the restaurant is not willing to make a delivery. Unfortunately, We are unable to force hem on this.

(07:51:49)[name withheld]: Not willing to fix their mistake...right.

(07:52:03)[name withheld]: I wish there were more we could do.

(07:52:13)[name withheld]: You could put the balance in the form of a gift card balance

(07:53:00)[name withheld]: Unfortunately, we don't handle any Gift Card processing.

(07:53:55)[name withheld]: This is completely unbelievable. I don't have money to spare now, and now I am being robbed by GrubHub.

(07:55:11)[name withheld]: My deepest apologies on how you feel [name withheld]. I totally understand

(07:55:30)[name withheld]: You don't understand, or you would find a way to manually add the credit to my account.

(07:57:53)[name withheld]: We simply dont have the ability to do that [name withheld]. I assure you that if there were more that I could do I would be more than happy to. Had the order been paid with electronic payment we could have issued a full refund. Unfortunately, we are limited to what we can do because of those circumstances ,

(07:58:46)[name withheld]: How does GrubHub operate a business but not have people who can manually add credit to peoples' accounts?\

(07:59:30)[name withheld]: The only credit we are able to issue are in the form of the coupon codes that we sent you.

(08:00:55)[name withheld]: You need to find another resolution. This will be all across the media that GrubHub expects consumers who have been refunded their orders to pay additional fees to receive an order while using the credit granted to them.

(08:01:37)[name withheld]: [name withheld] I'm sorry but there is nothing else we can do.

(08:02:28)[name withheld]: And you are aware that this was intended as a means to resolve a dispute based on the incorrect order given, as well as the food given being against my religious background?

(08:03:19)[name withheld]: Yes [name withheld] I am aware.

(08:04:27)[name withheld]: As long as you confirm that. I will no longer be using this service, this is a twisted business model, and this will be making the media. Goodbye, [name withheld].

(08:05:24)*** [name withheld] left the chat ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Grubhub Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $63.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Idea of the service.

I didn't like: Lack of responsibility for problem orders.

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